This website is intended for those who want to learn about the best way to start a corporate design project. This practical guide to design for clients focuses on logo and website design especially. It is important that you understand this so that you can understand the rest of the sections that make up this website. The design job is essential for any company or business, regardless of its size: it is the creation of the image the public sees. But you also take part of the creation of your business image. Let’s see why.

Many will wonder what the aim of a website that explains how to work with a designer is. They will say: “I don’t need to be told how to hire a plumber or how to plump as I’m hiring somebody to do that job anyway.” This is true, but design doesn’t work the same way as other disciplines. To obtain an effective logotype, a good designer and an informed client are necessary. This occurs because the designer’s work is to transform ideas into graphic symbols. These ideas are the client’s ideas, which will later be materialized by the expert. As you see, it is essential that the client know what he’s looking for since the results will be disastrous if he asks for the wrong thing in the first place.

Our aim is to provide you with the basic information necessary to start a design project accurately. This is not a tutorial about how to design a logo or a website, but a practical guide to work with the designer and accomplish positive results. But watch out! The material we provide here for you will be useful if you work with a team: the team you will form with the person you hire to carry out the project. That is, if you develop a cold relationship with the designer and expect him to do all the work, the final result won’t look like you expected. It is true that the designer is responsible for the heavy work, but he will only be able to do it if you discuss the project with him, respectfully and carefully and if you try to form a team with him to generate the best results.

To get to understand better the concepts we have divided this website into different pages that deal with different key subjects in the design work. These pages should be read in order as the concepts get more complex as the reading advances. However, this website is written in a way that you will still understand everything if you skip any page.


This section provides logos fundamental characteristics and a review of its evolution up to now. This section is very important because the reader will start to understand and consider the logo as something that is beyond a simple image, and in this way he will be able to start the logo creation process.

Types of Logos

This section explains the three existing different types of logo with its morphological specific characteristics. But not only morphological descriptions come within the scope of this page: it also deals with each type of logo according to their commercial advantages and disadvantages.


You will get to know in deep the elements that make up a website in this section. The advance of the Internet as a means of communication has transformed websites into essential and extraordinary tools for a company or business growth.

Websites Function

After analyzing the characteristics of a website, we will analyze its functions. This section answers to the question “what is a website for?”

Corporate Identity

The concept of corporate identity evokes to a group of elements -logos and websites are the most important elements in a corporate identity– that make up a company image. This section will deal with the effects each element has when all of the elements work as a group.